Fast Car

And so the journey begins…
“had a feeling that I belong, a feeling that I can be someone”

Prologue: Any of my closest family & friends can tell you that when Wil and I first got the news of the opportunity for us to move to Belgium, I wasn’t excited. In fact I was looking for ways to not go, and to pretend as though the opportunity never existed…even praying for it to go away. Of course I was concerned only about what the pending move would mean to ME, and loathed anyone who wanted to talk about “how exciting an opportunity this would be”. It didn’t matter that Wil was less than satisfied with what he was doing at work, or that his company had been recently accquired and was looking to push it’s people out. What mattered was that I felt my time in Virginia had already become home, where we would start out our married lives, and that if we were going to move it would be because of my career.
It took me a while to realize my anger in not wanting to go was coming from my fear of going…the impending change. I talk a big game of wanting to move abroad, but when the door opened I was ready to turn around and head the other way. It took 2 conversations that helped changed my attitude/outlook came from: 1) Cynthia KS mom: stop praying for something to go away and ask for guidance on how to handle what you have been given. 2) Donna MI step-mom: God has always been faithful in finding a way for you, this time won’t be any different. Be patient and find ways to pursue interests you have had, but haven’t had the time to do working in your current job. These conversations shifted my focus, and allowed me to see the blessing in this opportunity. I was finally able to be at peace and begin to trust that Belgium was where we needed to be.
What makes this story great is that I can see the growth in myself from going through this transition. It was painful, but worth the outcome. And what makes it even better is how it has strengthened Wil and I as life partners. Having a beautiful wedding and a great party is fine and dandy, but that doesn’t mean you wake up the next day knowing how to manage being a team in life. Experience is the best teacher, and going through this taught us how to work through times when we aren’t on the same page, having different as views/communication styles/thought processes/etc, and dealing with ego.
Now months later, looking back it seems like it was years ago….that tells me progress/growth was made. 🙂 Now, more than ever I look forward to this journey with him by my side.
2. Fast Car: So….here we are today in our temporary housing in Brussels, Belgium anxiously waiting to move into our new place next week. Have you ever had a moment(s) in your life when you just knew you were where you were supposed to be? For me it was when we toured our new apartment for the 1st time, and saw this view. The most calming feeling of peace came over me and I knew I was home.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 10.01.11 PM

3. Epilogue: I look forward to continuing to document our journey while in Belgium, our travels, and our life. The purpose of creating this is for Wil and I look back on, to relive our memories from our migration abroad. If you happen to come across our story we hope to inspire you to find joy in the journey of life, peace when all seems lost, hope for what’s to come, and love for who you are today.

Lots of love, Sydney


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