The Big 3-0

My 20s have officially ended, and the beginning of a decade in my 30s has just begun!

I can’t deny that I was feeling a little down about my birthday approaching and not being able to celebrate the big 3-0 with family and friends. Once I woke up I knew I would have to get over myself….even though family and friends are thousands of miles away I was touched by how many took the time difference into consideration when they sent me messages at midnight my time to be the first to wish me Happy Birthday. (I saw the messages when I woke up) LOL
To make things even better I received an email back from a company I am interested in volunteering/working for while here, OxFam International. Even though I have only heard back from 1 organization so far, it feels like I am finally making progress….which gives me hope.

To celebrate the hubs took me out to an AMAZING thai restaurant near Grand Place called Fanny Thai. The restaurant is located on a street with at least another 5 different Thai restaurants, but Fanny was by far the most popular. The ambiance was romantic and the food/service will have us coming back.

fanny thai store front


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