Suzie & Jan’s Wedding

One of the wonderful things about living in Belgium is that we are now closer to some of Wil’s family that lives in Europe.  One of these family members is his 1st cousin Suzie, or Nanou as he calls her.  She moved to Germany after high school to attend college, and then attended medical school where she became a Neurosurgeon.  She met Jan her husband in Germany and they moved to Rorschacherberg, Switzerland together where their wedding was held.

Because we now live so close to them we were able to make the 7.5hr drive to attend their wedding.  We stayed at the Best Western hotel only 1.5km away from the location of the wedding.


The wedding was held at Schloss Wartegg.  I loved the intimacy of the ceremony.  Only immediate family and close friends were in attendance….a total of about 45 people.  The ceremony was conducted in German and translated in French by Suzie’s & Jan’s close friend…Wil then had to translate some, not all, in English for me. ☺️

Suzie & Wil’s emotional connection after not seeing each other for 17 years. ❤️

Immediately following the ceremony was a cocktail hour where the couple received their guests and cut the cake.  The cocktail hour was held on the lawn of the Schloss.  They provided drinks and hors d’oeuvres for the guests.

It was wonderful to finally meet more of Wil’s Cameroonian family.  Suzie’s mother, Jeanette (Wil’s mother’s older sister), and her sister Marlyse “Lily” were in attendance.

The reception was held about 2hrs after cocktail hour.  Dinner was a 5 course plated meal and it was absolutely delicious + they offered 2nds or the main course!!!!!  We sat at a table with two of Jan’s sisters and the newly wed’s friend that translated the wedding ceremony.  It was truly a diverse mix of people….Germans, Cameroonians, and an American. LOL.  Suzie and Jan had a great idea of placing cameras on every table for guests to take impromptu pictures of each other while they were eating or talking.  It was hilarious.  LOL

A memorable part of the wedding weekend was when Jan’s mother invited Wil and I to come visit her.  She seemed so genuine and kind.

Congrats again to Suzie and Jan!!!  Wil and I look forward to seeing them often during our time living in Belgium.


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