Day in Dinant

Dinant is a small picturesque Belgian city only 60 min away from Brussels, making it perfect for a day trip.   We left Brussels around noon and arrived back home close to 6pm.

While in Dinant we were able to explore the city by foot and grab a bite to eat.  The key sites we were able to see were:

  1. Citadel (now the Arms Museum).  It offers spectacular views of the river and city.  You can take the very steep steps to the top (8.50 euros per person) or take the cable car.  We took the steps. Outside of the spectacular views of the city the Citadel also houses a museum that highlights the history of the city.
  1. La Maison de Monsieur Sax (Mr Sax’s house):  The museum is located inside the home of where the inventor of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax was born.  Admission is free.

    3.  Church of our Lady:  Beautiful Gothic Catholic church located under the Citadel.  Admission is free.

    4.  Chateau de Fryer:  We drove to the Chateau to take the tour of the gardens, but by the time we arrived it was closed.  The drive was along the River Meuse and provided beautiful views of the city.  If you have time, the city offers kayaking excursions on the river.img_2069_d200

Overall Dinant “sacred valley” is a beautiful city with a lot to offer those that visit.  It might not be as popular as Ghent, Bruges, or Antwerp but it is worth taking the trip.  It provides great perspective on the history of Belgium and Walloon/Namur.


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