Leeza’s Visit!

During my favorite time of the year, one of my favorite people came to visit!!! ❤️

My favorite kuh arrived in Brussels on Thursday November 3rd…up until she arrived had been trying to figure out what to do and where to go while she was here.  That night we firmed up our plans and decided to head to Paris for the weekend.  We booked both train tickets and hotel that night.

Friday November 4th after I was done with class + binge watching How I Met Your Mother 😂, we packed up and headed out.  We were able to find round trip tickets through Izy.  Because we bought them the day before it was 100 euros per person for round trip tickets…cheaper ones are available for 20 euros round trip if you book in advance.  We found a hotel that was under 100 euros per night and was walking distance from the Eiffel Tower, Hotel Korner.

Although we packed numerous snacks we were ravenous after our 2hr train ride.  After we checked into the hotel we headed out to grab dinner.  We found a delicious meal only a 2 min walk from the hotel at :  Le Relais de 15eme.  They serve Iranian/French meals, and have live music on Friday and Saturday evenings.   The food was great and they let us order off the kids menu. #winningparis

Saturday November 5th…we walked.  Fortunately Leeza had already done most of the touristy sights in Paris, so the mission was to shop, walk, drink, walk, eat, walk, and be merry. After breakfast at the hotel (it was not included the price), we visited a must see jewelry boutique that her friends in MD/VA recommended, Jagh Paris.  It’s an adorable little spot with unique pieces for reasonable prices.

From there we stopped and got some drinks…vin chad & hot chocolate from Au Rendez-Vous des Artistes.  After we warmed up, we headed back out to Sacre Couer and Montmartre + found this AMAZING self cleaning porta-poty…that we didn’t take a picture of.😩

After more shopping, we grabbed lunch at Le Coq (burger was great!).  This put us closer to our hotel so we decided to check out the Eiffel Tower, and am I so glad that we did.  She looked absolutely amazing in all of the fall foliage.  Out of all the times I have been to Paris, this is the most beautiful I have seen her.❤️

Ready to warm up again we decided to find a spot to grab a drink.  We found a chic spot near the metro stop Trocadéro called Le Cosmos.  We were able to sit outside under heaters, drink great cocktails, and people watch.

Because we were just dying to walk more we headed to the Arc de Triomphe with the motivation to then go to LaDuree for macaroons.  After all the walking, we made way to the nearest Italian restaurant with the best reviews…Casa Luca.  It was a nice, romantic restaurant with wonderful food.

As old women in their 30s normally do, we headed back to the hotel for the night to eat our macaroons and have tea.😂

Sunday November 6th, we had breakfast, walked by Notre Dame, and headed to the train station.  We got there a little early, so we grabbed a vin chaud at a cafe across the street from the station before we headed out. 14962581_944456065841_7102234883447638689_n




For the week Lisa was here she was extremely accommodating as I had class and school commitments during her stay.  Fortunately she lived in Brussels for about 6 months while she was in college and took the time to explore her old home + visit the commune so the Belgian government wouldn’t think she was a fugitive. LOL

On Wednesday November 9th, it was announced 15037164_945321491521_7666954709972811817_nthat Donal Trump would be the next President of the United States of America.  Lisa and I watched the final results come in, the announcement, and then his acceptance speech.  Similar to how people remembered where they were for 9-11 and Kennedy’s assignation, I will forever remember where I was when Trump was elected for President.  The only light was the fact that I was able to share the moment with Lisa, and we were able to console each other from the immense fear and sadness we felt.

After class that day we met up with some of my other American/Argentinian classmates to break bread, drink, watch Hillary’s concession speech, and commiserate.  It was exactly what we needed.  The United States of America isn’t very united anymore.

On Friday November 11th, we took a day trip with Wil to Amsterdam!!  The 2.5hr drive to Amsterdam was smooth, however driving through the city and finding parking proved an adventure.  The city was beautiful but COLD.

When we arrived we found a Peruvian restaurant, that was pretty good.  We then went by foot and explored the flower market, checked out some shops, and visited the I amsterdam sign.  Before we headed back we ended the day with a Dutch waffle and hot chocolate…it was good, but the Belgians do it better. 🙌🏽



Friday night we ordered take out and finished the night watching The Crown, a Netflix series we binge-watched.

Saturday November 12th, Leeza left us.  Fortunately, (is that selfish? LOL) she still has issues with Brussels and HAS to come back to take care of it.  So I look forward to seeing more of her in 2017.😘

I am sooooooo grateful that she was able to visit and we were able to check out some of Europe while she was here.  It’s still amazing to think that after 2 weeks together as interns in Salzburg 7 years ago, our friendship is stronger than ever, and continues to grow.  Thank you Leeza for being such a wonderful woman and friend!  Can’t wait to take on more of Europe when you return! ❤️


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