As a gift to ourselves for completing our dissertation proposals myself and 4 other women from my University headed out to Norway for some r&r.  This trip would not have been possible, if Anette, my sometime Zumba partner 😉, had not invited us girls to her family’s cabin.


Day 1:  We had a direct flight into Oslo from Brussels…which I passed out on immediately after I took my seat bc I had been up all night finishing my proposal. #fail  After arriving in Oslo, we stocked up on tax free alcohol at the airport then headed out for our 2hr drive from Oslo to Noresund.



Day 2:  SKI and Sauna.  Not much to say here, except for that it was an epic day full of laughs, ski lift anxiety, falling, Lili flying, wine, sauna, mimosas, raw air, and more wine!

Day 3: Brunch, walking adventure, and back to Brussels

I am grateful for these ladies and the time we had together!  Time to plan our next trip….kayaking right? 😁



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