Work and Play in Switzerland

At the end of April Wil had a work trip in Switzerland, so we decided to make a trip of it and visit family in the area….oh, and I was supposed to finish a paper for school.  HA!

Sunday April 23rd

We flew into Zurich in the early AM.  From Zurich we took the 40min train ride to Affoltern am Albis a suburb outside of the city.  When you arrive in the city, make sure to download the app  SBB Mobile, you can buy tickets and get details on train times and routes all in one spot.  On thing that is fantastic about Switzerland is the reliability of the trains.  They are NEVER late.  They are either early or on-time.

Because of where Wil’s office is located, we stayed in Affoltern am Albis at theIMG_2650 Holiday Inn Express for the week.  It’s about a 40 min train ride from the Zurich Airport.

After we checked in to our hotel and grabbed some fantastic pizza from Molino we chilled out then headed out to check out Zurich.  We walked from the main station to Altstadt (only about 15min).  Unfortunately because it was Sunday, many if not all of the stores were closed.  However, that evening there was some kind of international food festival with tons of vendors selling food from around the world.  Walking through Altstadt will lead you to the beautiful Lake Zürichsee (Zurich).


Monday April 24th – Thursday April 27th

I worked on my Theory of Development paper for school (didn’t make much progress HA!) and Wil worked.  For meals we frequented Molino and a fantastic Thai spot Jack’s Thai.

Friday April 28th

After Wil finished work, we took the train and headed to spend the weekend with cousins Suzie and Jan in St. Gallen.  When we arrived they gave us a driving tour of their city before we headed to their apartment for dinner.

Saturday April 29th

We started the day out with a delicious breakfast made by the couple.  We then headed out to Altstadt St.Gallen to check out the city.  On our walk through Old Town we came across a UNESCO World Heritage site the Abbey Library of St. Gallen and took a tour.  On our walk we came across a local store selling Swiss made snacks and bought caramels laced with cacao.  In St. Gallen there is also a market for fresh foods and produce.  In this market is a vendor that sells fruit from Cameroon so I was able to try Cameroonian mangoes and passion fruit (Wil was in heaven). For lunch Suzie and Jan introduced us to one of their favorite lunch spots Focacceria, a restaurant that specializes in custom sandwiches made on fresh focaccia bread.  After lunch we headed to Lake Constance for a walk and to enjoy the sun.  Because we were all craving waffles, we had breakfast for dinner… homemade waffles and ice cream🍦(vanilla, chocolate, and matcha)  It was fantastic!

Sunday April 30th

Before we caught the train back to Zurich, Suzie and Jan treated us with a hike on a trail behind their home in Wildpark Peter und Paul.  The park also housed an ecological center with different animals from the region.  After the walk we bid our farewells to the happy couple and began the journey back to Brussels.


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